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The Family - A Baha'i Perspective

The Family - A Baha'i Perspective

“If love and agreement are manifest in a single family, that family will advance, become illumined and spiritual; but if enmity and hatred exist within it, destruction and dispersion are inevitable.”


How easily, where unity exists in a given family, the affairs of that family are conducted; what progress the members of that family make, how they prosper in the world. Their concerns are in order, they enjoy comfort and tranquility, they are secure, their position is assured, and they come to be envied by all. Such a family but adds to its stature and its lasting honor, as day succeeds day.

These are all relationships within the family, but there is a much wider sphere of relationship between men and women than in the home. For example, although the mother is the first educator of the child, and the most formative influence in his development, the father also has the responsibility of educating his children. Similarly, although the primary responsibility for supporting the family financially is placed upon the husband, this does not by any means imply that the place of women is confined to the home.

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