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Measuring Spiritual Progress

May 24, 2013

In this video, Sadhguru talks about how to measure one's spiritual growth on a daily basis, and become more available to the life process.

Fortunate Misfortunes

May 23, 2013

Sadhguru puts things in perspective and tells us that for one who is on the spiritual path, fortune and misfortune are of a completely different nature. Sadhguru: If...

Life Beyond Logic

May 22, 2013

Sadhguru explains that the human perception can be taken far beyond the limitations of logic.

Overcoming the Fear of Illness

May 21, 2013

Are you scared of getting sick? Well, that’s a sure way to make yourself sick! Read on to find out what causes this fear and how to grow beyond it. Sadhguru: Everybody...

What Will Happen in the Future

May 20, 2013

Responding to a question about the future of humanity, Sadhguru explains that we should never underestimate the human heart. In ten years' time, the whole...

Is Inception Possible?

May 17, 2013

Sadhguru answers a question about whether thoughts can be planted in our minds. He says that there are many ways to plant a thought – dark ways, straight...

A Seeker’s Relationship Blues

May 16, 2013

Question: Sadhguru, if you are in a very unsupportive relationship with someone, how can you move ahead on the spiritual path without getting stuck? Sadhguru: If...

Becoming Utterly Ignorant

May 15, 2013

How can you know the boundless nature of what you are? Nice logic and petty emotions won't do! You must move from a limited to an unlimited state of ignorance...

Sadhguru’s Ugadi Message

May 14, 2013

There is a certain significance to Ugadi[1] being the New Year, and not the first of January, in terms of what is occurring in the planet and in the human...

What Decides Our Success

May 13, 2013

A seeker asks Sadhguru whether luck, fate and God decide our success. Sadhguru tells us that whether they play a role in being successful or not is not...