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A Discussion on Intuition

November 22, 2017

A seeker discusses intuitive abilities. Sadhguru explains that people tend to develop these things when their logic fail.

Effort or Grace?

November 21, 2017

Which is more important for a spiritual seeker, effort or grace? Sadhguru explains that, like baking bread, a combination of doing things and allowing...

How Important are Spirituality and Yoga in Education

November 20, 2017

In its essence, says Sadhguru, the spiritual process is a must in education as students and teachers...

Ending Fear-Based Education

November 17, 2017

When thousands of children are committing suicide each year in India, Sadhguru warns, we must realize we are doing something fundamentally wrong.

How Can I Evolve

November 16, 2017

Bginning with a story about an Indian hat salesman and his grandson, Sadhguru explains that once you come as a human being, the process of evolving through...

Crossing the Wall

November 14, 2017

While achieving external pleasantness requires a certain capability and cooperation from others.

Creating a Joyful Education

November 13, 2017

If learning something new is a joy, asks Sadhguru, why is schooling such a pain?

Why Should Children Learn Yoga

November 9, 2017

Sadhguru discusses why children should learn yoga.

From Personality to Presence

November 8, 2017

Though we often hear advice to “believe in yourself,” Sadhguru explains that by strengthening our personalities, we also cause our energies to become...