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How to Overcome Compulsive Emotional Patterns

How to Overcome Compulsive Emotional Patterns

In this video, Sadhguru discusses why we encounter repetitive patterns in life, and how we can choose to overcome or ride these cycles.

Quotes from this Video

“Now when you say, "I notice that my life is going in cycles," you are essentially talking about the situations around you , more than that you are talking about your mental and emotional states going through the same cycles.”—Sadhguru

“Physiologically, there is a strong reminder in the female body. The strong reminder that is there in the female body is not a curse; it is a blessing if you know how to use it, because any volatile situation, any destabilized position is a possibility. It's a possibility for change.”—Sadhguru

“If you do not stand up with a certain level of awareness and a certain level of determination and a sense of going somewhere, you will naturally become a part of the cycles.”—Sadhguru